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Specializing in women's health came very naturally to me. As a woman, and having many women around me, it became apparent that women have an intense awareness of their bodies. The fact is our bodies are more complex than a man's. In addition, there is a list of monthly "ailments" due to the many ways in which we are affected by our menstrual cycle. The need for both symptom relief and prevention became apparent.

As most of us have come to know, Western medicine treats symptoms and illness after the fact. Traditional Chinese medicine as well works to alleviate symptoms and pain, but it goes much deeper: Eastern traditions work to determine the root cause of the symptom(s) and not just "mask" them. Staying better -- not just getting better -- is the ultimate goal. Chinese medicine reduces both frequency and intensity of the symptoms, often completely eradicating an illness.

Often times women think, "that's just the way my body is" -- we just cope. The truth, however, is that many of the aches, pains and emotional waves we feel are treatable and preventable. No matter what ails you, the combined affect of acupuncture, nutrition, and herbs will leave you feeling more energized and stress levels will be greatly reduced.



Here's to a healthier roadmap for your future!

A partial list of female-specific ailments with which my treatment has a great results: fertility issues, menopause, PMS, cysts and fibroids, irregular/heavy/no periods, cramps, cancer, Polycystic Ovarian Syndrome, breech baby, easing labor, yeast infections, bladder infections, thyroid disorders, morning sickness, and most pregnancy related issues.

Many of my patients initially come in because they can’t handle the side-effects of the medications they are taking. Traditional Chinese medicine can not only alleviate the side-effects of Western medicine but often will actually suffice. How wonderful to be able to avoid adverse reactions by using a natural approach!

It is very apparent that many medications just don't work for women and can actually aggravate certain symptoms. How is this possible? Aren't drug companies required to do years of testing? The answer is yes, they are, but most pharmacological testing is done on men. This is one of the most important facts to note in regards to women's health issues. The lack of funding for medical research specifically on women is one of the reasons women don’t respond well, if at all, to many medications.

The above is the reason why Chinese medicine works so well with women's health issues -- gynecology has been emphasized for centuries in Chinese medicine. That is why it is so effective. Also important to note is that Chinese medicine is absolutely safe when pregnant or trying to get pregnant.