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Pain Management: Physical trauma resulting in pain (most often back, neck and shoulder), muscle issues (spasms, rigidity or flaccidity), sciatica, carpal tunnel syndrome, migraines/headaches, numbness/tingling of limbs, herniated/slipped discs, can be the result of a recent injury, a condition you’ve had for years or a combination of the two. By combining acupuncture and other treatments including exercise, you will hasten recovery time by encouraging muscle flexibility and strength. In addition, by bringing awareness to the problem area and strengthening the body, future injury and inflammation can be avoided. Learn More[top]


Back Pain

Boosting the Immune System: The goal of Live Natural Live Well is to keep our patients from getting sick in the first place. No more calling in sick. No more cancelled performances. No more missed special times with family or friends. By creating the proper protocol and combination of treatments, together we will increase your energy, eliminate toxins and decrease stress so that your immune system becomes stronger. You’ll be able to fight off infections easily and naturally – no more getting sick! Learn more [top]


Digestive Disorders: Irregular or poor eating habits, certain medications, and food allergies all take a toll on the digestive system. Gut health is vital to your mental health, digestion, and immunity, Chinese medicine is able to treat most chronic and acute ‘stomach’ ailments, such as indigestion, nausea, slow metabolism, constipation, diarrhea, vomiting, Crohn’s disease, bloating, ulcerative colitis, gas, heartburn, food sensitivities and irritable bowel syndrome. [top] Happy Tummy
Sleep Deprivation and Jet Lag: How often do you say to yourself, "I feel like I never have enough sleep?" Work and family demands, traveling (especially if to and from different time zones), late nights and early mornings, and for those in the performing arts -- working your hardest to entertain your fans, insomnia and disturbing dreams all lead to fatigue and exhaustion. Acupuncture and other Live Natural Live Well therapies will help by relieving stress, foster mental clarity, as well as adjust the body’s internal time clock so that you’ll more easily rest and receive deep sleep and be more energized than ever. [top] Sleeping

Skin Rejuvenation: Let’s face it -- looks are important. Late nights, stress, smoking, and even working too much can wear anyone out. The results often show where we can’t hide them, causing dark under-eye circles; dull, tired-looking skin; red, puffy eyes, and premature wrinkles. My treatments will refresh tired eyes, eliminate lines, reduce sagging and prevent signs of aging. I also eliminate acne, alleviate rashes and dramatically improve symptoms of rosacea. Your skin will acquire a youthful, healthy glow. Read NY Times article. [top]

Beautiful Skin
Mood Enhancement: Chinese medicine treats the physical body, along with the mind and spirit. I can help you with stress, anxiety, anger management, irritability, depression, panic attacks, and stage fright. One way I do this to aid you in releasing old emotional issues and traumas in a safe environment with support. Chinese medicine often eliminates the need for medications such as Prozac, Wellbutrin and Zoloft. [top] Smiling Woman

Addiction & Detoxification: We’re all addicted to something, with some addictions being more serious and life threatening than others. Life can be stressful and many people find themselves reaching for a drink, a pill, a cigarette or even food to cope. Being highly creative, as many people are here in Southern California, also has its drawbacks. Let me support you so you can finally say goodbye to addiction and unhealthy habits and hello to a happier, healthier you. Chinese medicine reduces cravings and quickens detoxification, making this process easier to handle. Learn More[top]

Weight Management: The combination of Chinese Medicine – acupuncture, Chinese herbs and nutrition – along with Western nutrition creates a synergy that helps manage weight in a healthy, individual manner. Chinese medicine speeds the metabolism, reduces cravings, helps reduce stress as well as support healthy food choices. A typical treatment plan consists of an initial consultation followed by acupuncture. All patients receive a specifically tailored food plan that will indicate foods that should be eaten in moderation as well as a list of foods to be avoided. Herbal supplements and organic vitamins are used to adjust metabolism, cholesterol, energy, food cravings and even to manage diabetes. Weekly acupuncture treatments are recommended during the first month to accelerate results. As everyone responds differently to treatment, each step along the way, up to and including a maintenance program once the desired weight goal has been achieved, is done on an individual basis. [top] Weight Management
Gynecological Disorders: Do you experience bloating, irritability, cramping and exhaustion every month? Has menopause started to set in? Night sweats make most women a bit tired and cranky. I can help with any gynecological complaint, including infertility, heavy bleeding, irregular periods, pregnancy and labor, cysts and fibroids. [top] Women's Health
Cancer Treatment Side Affects: Chinese medicine is a great way to get relief from all the symptoms and side effects related to cancer and cancer treatments. Acupuncture causes physical responses in nerves cells, the pituitary gland, and various parts of the brain, which in turn affects blood pressure and body temperature. In addition, Acupuncture boosts the immune system, relieves stress and anxiety, and causes the body's natural painkillers to be released.  Learn More[top] Healthy and Happy
Vocal Enhancement: Vocal quality is a main concern of many performers. Sore throats, voice loss, damaged or constricted vocal cords, phlegm buildup, minimized lung output, asthma, chronic cough or hoarseness all can be the result of your hard work. There are other professions as well (teachers, trainers, lecturers) that require the use of their voice in a consistent manner. I can enrich your vocal quality, improve your lung capacity, and relax your diaphragm and ribs. Learn more [top] Vocal Enhancement
Writer’s Block: Whether it’s a screenplay or script, a magazine article or speech, or whether it’s another great album, the pressure to produce can be intense. By releasing emotional and internal physical blockages, ideas will more easily flow from your mind to your pen, from your heart to your instrument. Wouldn’t you just love to keep those No. 1 albums or screenplays coming? [top] Writing

Other Health Concerns: The goal of Live Natural Live Well is to get you on a track of good heath, often eliminating the need for pharmaceuticals. Chinese medicine treats everything from high cholesterol and blood pressure issues to diabetes and thyroid dysfunction to tinnitus and TMJ to skin disorders and eating disorders to multiple sclerosis and memory loss to dizziness and vertigo to urinary tract infections and prostatitis to sexual dysfunction and autism -- to name just a few. [top]