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How Breathe Came to Be





Early in her practice, Heather Lounsbury, L.Ac., worked with a well-known acupuncturist who traveled with numerous musicians as their physician. From him she learned the great benefits performers reap both professionally and personally by taking a naturally gifted a physician like Heather, on the road with them. It was at this time that the seed was first planted in Heather’s mind for a company like “Breathe”, which is now a successful reality. Breathe combines the three things she is most passionate about -- total health, travel, and music.


Before starting Breathe, Heather treated several musicians and actors, understanding their very specific and individual needs. In Los Angeles, working on set and in studio is common for many healthcare providers -- Breathe takes it to the next level. Breathe provides a large variety of holistic healthcare services by talented and experienced healers and physicians. The Breathe Team is top notch, with each practitioner excelling in his or her specific line of work, and now able to share their expertise with performers all over the world.


Breathe works with artists and performers both locally, here in L.A., and with some, when they travel. Breathe helps clients perform, look and feel their best by supporting them in attaining physical and emotional balance. This ensures career longevity careers and overall improvement in their health. Our goal is to make stress, pain, and fatigue a thing of the past for ALL performing -- and especially touring -- artists.