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Taking charge of your fertility

Infertility is unfortunately on the rise.  Some of it has to do with people waiting until later in life to have children.  Some of it is due to the high stress levels most of us experience.  Environmental causes- pollution, plastic, pesticides, steroids in non-organic animal products- are a leading cause of infertility as well.  All of these can wreak havoc on your hormone levels, in both men and women.

What else may be hindering your fertility

Obesity, diabetes, testosterone or steroids,  too much exercise, smoking, too much or too little selenium, saw palmetto, weakened adrenal glands, caffeine and alcohol, hypothyroidism

All of the above can be treated.  Look for an acupuncturist in your area who specializes in fertility.  I also offer phone consultations for herbs and nutrition, so you can contact my office to make an appointment.  I also offer medical testing to check hormone levels, your adrenal gland function, and thyroid disorders.

Some suggestions for supplementation to increase your chance of conception.  Please consult your physician.

For women

Magnesium – take as directed
Multi pre natal vitamin
Minimum 1,000 mg vitamin C daily
Zinc 50mg daily
B50 as directed
Folic acid 5 mg/day
PABA 100 mg 3 times a day
Vitamin E 22 IU daily
Lycopene- 2 g day
CoQ10    100 mg twice daily
Before bed- Zinc, B50, and Magnesium taken together

For Men

Vitamin C-  1,000 mg a day may prevent sperm agglutination.
L-Arginine- 1,500- 2000 mg 2 times per day between meals increase sperm count
Vitamin B12- 1,000 mcg increase sperm count
L-carnation 1 g    3 times a day improve sperm count and function

For those of you struggling with this issue, there is hope.  Even if you’ve tried IVF and other Western procedures, Chinese medicine is highly effective for treating infertility in men and women.

Live natural. Live well.


ADD and your child

According to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, 8 percent of children aged    4 to 17 are diagnosed with ADHD.  Many of these cases are prescribed Ritalin.  For those  of you without kids, Ritalin is a drug made up of methylphenidate which is a stimulant affecting the central nervous system.

As more and more kids are being prescribed Ritalin, more and more parents wonder:  What am I giving my child?  Most can agree that the number of children under 17 that     are taking drugs to treat ADHD in this country is surprising.  However, Attention Deficit Disorder and hyperactivity is a real problem and parents feel a burning need to ensure the wellbeing of their children. I fervently believe that these mental health issues in children are real, and must be treated, but I would like to recommend acupuncture, herbs, and proper nutrition are safer, long lasting approaches.

While doctors will often refer to the drug as a “mild” stimulant, the fact is, Ritalin is a stimulant.  While some stimulants can indeed yield positive results in adults and children, it is important to understand what’s going on physiologically, and to be aware of potentially harmful side effects.  Here are some of the basics:
- Stimulants can raise heart rate, temperature, and blood pressure.
- Stimulants are often addictive.
- Stimulants can lower appetite thus compromising a child’s sense of proper nutrition.
- Prolonged use or abuse of stimulants can have mental side effects as well,
including anxiety, paranoia, and may cause aggression.

If your child is currently using Ritalin and experiencing unpleasant side effects, ask your physician about alternative treatments.  As a healthcare professional, I know that first and foremost is your child’s wellbeing.  Whenever using acupuncture for kids, I like to show them that it is safe by placing the needles on their parents.  This eases some of the worry that children may have when it comes to needles.  Any licensed acupuncturist will make sure to move slowly and adjust for a child’s comfort level.  Most kids feel triumphant after undergoing the treatments and their parents proudly report a new sense of calm that has swept over their household.

Acupuncture for kids (or acupressure as an equally effective no-needle alternative), has been growing and the results are incredible.  Over 150,000 kids received acupuncture treatments last year alone, and recent studies are showing that these treatments have been effective for almost two thirds of patients, according to the 2008 report published by the National Center for Health and Alternative Medicine at the National Institutes of Health.

I have seen these results firsthand.  For the past decade of my practice I have been so inspired by the children who have come through my doors.  Children who could not sit still, had no interest in studying, and who’s mood swings were off the charts.  These are special, sometimes brilliant children whose hyperactivity has crippled their performance in school and put strain on their social development.  Chinese medicine has provided kids and parents with a working solution that is painless, and side effect free.

Please, if you have more questions about Attention Deficit Disorder or anxiety, do ask.  Because when it comes to the health of you and your children, communication is key.

Live natural.  Live well,


In These Troubling Economic Times, Make Health Your Primary Investment

AcupunctureIt’s no secret that Americans don’t always make health their number one priority,   and when times get tough, people sometimes compromise their own health care. Unfortunately, Americans who make fiscal sacrifices at the expense of their own health might be taking the biggest risks in the long run.

Many might see health care and prevention as an adjustable expense, allocating    more dollars toward other short-term needs. In fact, results from a Kaiser Family Foundation survey released in late October reveal the economic slump is having a direct influence on health-related spending. Here’s what they found:

  • 30% of Americans said they skipped recommended tests or treatments.              In a fifth of these cases, medical conditions got worse.
  • Nearly 20% of U.S. residents had more than $1,000 in medical bills.
  • Thirty-six percent of U.S. residents have delayed medical care in the past year because of cost, representing an increase of seven percentage points in about six months.

The Associated Press reported in late October that many doctor’s offices are seeing marked declines in the number of patient visits and checkups. As the population ages, this figure is expected to increase at a rate of 2 to 4 percent a year. Basically, the older you get, the more health care you need.

While it may seem financially responsible in the short term, cutting corners in health and wellness is risky business. The long-term effects of ignoring symptoms and preventive care could lead to more numerous, or more serious, health problems in the future.

It’s cost effective to invest in prevention. Taking care of underlying problems now, before they become troubling or threatening symptoms, will save from costly procedures and skyrocketing medical costs later in life. Cutting long term health care expenses through prevention can not only save you money, but save your life. And it’s about the cheapest investment you’ll make this year.

With that in mind, here are five cost-effective ways you can save money NOW, while improving your health long-term:

Try yoga or meditation instead of drugs: Fortunately, yoga and meditation are relatively inexpensive health care modalities that can be practiced in the comfort of home. Instructional DVDs, magazines and alternative practitioners can provide yoga training, and meditation techniques are available through several multimedia platforms. You can even go to the library and check out a yoga DVD for free!

Use dietary supplements, and avoid side effects later in life: Before reaching for those antacids or acid blockers, you should know that acid-reducing medications have been shown to block absorption of key nutrients, such as calcium and vitamin B12. Digestive enzymes can relieve symptoms of indigestion and acid reflux without troubling side effects. Also, it’s a good idea to avoid nonsteroidal anti-inflammatory drugs whenever possible, as many have been linked to serious side effects, such as gastrointestinal bleeding and cardiovascular complications.

Try acupuncture or massage, and ditch the painkillers: Acupuncture has gained attention lately for its proven health benefits. Practitioners of traditional Chinese medicine use the technique to aid in pain relief, prevent anxiety and improve overall well being. Massage, another relatively inexpensive therapy, also is used for pain relief and stress reduction. For an even cheaper solution, trade massages with a spouse or a friend to relieve pain and tension.

Enjoy a walk: USA Today reported that a simple walking regimen can lead to significant weight loss. In fact, men and women who added 3,500 steps per day for a year were able to shed 8½ pounds and 5 pounds, respectively. The best thing about walking – it’s free.

Cook at home: It’s likely that as economic conditions have declined, many of you are eating out less and cooking more meals at home. This is fun, cheap, and healthy. Try to incorporate whole and organic ingredients into your cooking and avoid chemical preservatives. Surprisingly, some of the best deals for dinner are at your local farmer’s market.

Focusing on wellness is a healthy distraction from the daily grind as well as economic woes. So kick those bad habits and start thinking about your health in the long term by eating well and getting some stress reducing exercise. This will lead to a long and happy life with fewer medical expenses down the road. In the meantime,

Live natural. Live well.

My First Blog Post

Hello and welcome to!  Come here every week to find all the latest info on health related topics as well as tips for how you can heal your body and the environment.  I am thrilled to be starting this blog. So to kick things off I thought I would tell you a little bit about myself and how I got started.  People are always asking me, “Heather, how did you get interested in Chinese medicine?”  It started when I was a teenager and I had two major health incidents.

The first was when I was 14 and I had a severe case of mono that flared up off and on for almost a year.  I missed over 2 months of school and had to give up swimming because I was so weak.  I was constantly seeing my doctor and he didn’t have any advice on how to heal from this very common illness.  He literally said, “There’s nothing you can do.”  After this illness took its course, I couldn’t help but wonder if there was any information out there besides what my doctor was telling me.

The second health event happened when I was just turning 15, and like many young people in America, I was a junk food junky.  But after learning about the conditions of the meat industry and animal treatment, I decided to become a vegetarian.  Like the good student I was, I went to my doctor to get any nutritional expertise I could find.  He had no idea what to do with me, besides saying “Make sure you get enough protein.”  I remember feeling so confused.  If doctors are supposed to help people, why doesn’t he have any specific guidance about my nutrition and wellbeing?  It seemed that if I wasn’t sick or injured, there wasn’t anything he could do for me.

Well, it turns out that I was sick. I was anemic for almost two years, and that was when I realized I would need to go beyond my doctors to find appropriate nutritional support.  This led me to start studying nutrition, herbs, and supplements on my own.  I loved reading anything health related, especially holistic medicine.  I found out better ways to eat vegetarian and that mono is treatable.  More profoundly I learned that there is never one answer to a solution, no quick fixes, and no magic pills.  As I studied nutrition more I was fascinated to learn that there are so many different ways in which our bodies can get out of balance and that this affects our wellbeing.  Over the years, I kept learning purely out of curiosity.  I had no idea that one day I would be doing this for a living!

I found out later that M.D.s have very little nutritional training, just a few hours in fact.  Also, many (but not all!) doctors will just say nothing can be done or nothing is wrong because tests results are normal.  I see this almost daily in my private practice.  Patients come in desperate, because their doctors didn’t have the tools to help them get better.

After college, I moved to Los Angeles.  That was when I realized I could do what I love for a career.  At this point, friends were regularly asking me for advice, and I didn’t always have the answers.  I don’t always have the answers now, but with my training and continued studies, I have the tools to do what I really want to do: help and empower others to be healthy and live a fuller life.

I would like to encourage those of you reading this to do research and see if the illness you’re dealing with can be treated naturally to eradicate it.  Then ask questions.  I’m so excited to create a dialogue with people all over the world.  I have a long list of ideas to get started, but I would love to get to know all of you reading this.  What are you curious about?  What do you find confusing?  What are you interested in?  I truly look forward to hearing from you.     Til then,

Get Natural.  Get well.

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