Kids Inspire to Go Green

I decided on this week’s blog topic after going to an art show put on by my 3-year-old neighbor’s pre-school.  Her school created a show with artwork, photography, and poetry (yes poetry!) about saving our planet.  It was so special to see what these kids had created, and how inspired they were to save the environment. This cause is also near and dear to my heart.

All the parents and guests seemed very moved by the messages like, “Please stop hurting and polluting Earth.”  By the end of the day I had a sinking suspicion that not many of the adults there were actually going to take the action necessary to fulfill the wishes of their children.  Here were these wonderful kids creating meaningful statements, and no one was even recycling their water bottles!  Many parents had throw-away coffee cups from the nearby coffee shop, and the parking lot was filled with gas guzzlers.

My frustration by this lack of true environmental action has inspired me to do more.  I’m not writing this to say I’m any better than those at the exhibit.  What if we all had the same courage that these young artists showed in sharing their messages with the world?  There are some moments in our lives when we must speak up, and this is one of those moments.  Why am I writing about protecting this precious planet on a health care site?

For two reasons:

1. We’re running out of time.  If you don’t know what’s happening to our planet in regards to global warming, air and water pollution, and running out of natural resources, please investigate.  I recommend a few of many sites out there:, Global Green USA.

2.  It seems obvious, but how many of us really understand that the state of our environment directly affects our health?  The fact is, cancer rates and autoimmune diseases are increasing yearly because the planet is so toxic.  This is real.  In just ten years of practice, I can see a drastic difference in my patients’ toxicity.   And as we get sicker and sicker, what we put in our bodies and homes is hurting the environment more and more.

It’s still important to take some simple steps.  See some easy, money saving tips on my “Going Green” page-  But it’s not just about reusing a bag or changing a light bulb anymore.  Take action.  I am dedicated to finding and supporting new solutions to save our planet, but awareness is key.  Contact your local representatives to do more.  Encourage your neighbors and friends to join you in this effort.  Eat organic, local foods.  And please, do consider getting rid of your SUV.
As always,

Live natural.  Live well,

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