Plant Based Athletes & TCM


Veganism, Chinese medicine, and athletics.  Huh?  You probably haven’t heard those in combination ever. They could be considered strange bedfellows. In fact, some of you vegans and vegetarians reading this have probably been told by an acupuncturist that you have to eat meat.  We’re actually taught in school that everyone needs to eat animal products. Everyone.  If you or someone you know was told this, you can ignore it.  Most acupuncturists receive about 40 hours of nutritional training as part of their formal education.  That’s a lot more than MDs, but not nearly enough. I’ve heard from many patients that their previous acupuncturists who were stumped on how to help them say, “If you just ate meat, your problem would go away.’  Even people with cancer!  I personally was told by a respected acupuncturist to eat meat for an issue I’d had since I was a small child.  She said my vegetarianism was the cause of my problem.  It was a problem that started when I was eating animal products every single day, if not every meal.  Hmmm….  I still haven’t figure out her logic.


There are some acupuncturists and herbalists out there who understand and promote plant based nutrition. More and more are questioning what we learn in school. Seek them out.  Some acupuncturists, myself included, offer phone consultations for herbs and nutrition to people all over the word.  You can ask when setting up your first appointment how they feel about veganism.


The beauty of Chinese medicine is that there are no negative side effects.  Chinese herbs are completely safe when taken properly and most of them are vegan.  Most of the herbs that aren’t veg are illegal anyway. Double check with a qualified practitioner before taking anything.  Chinese nutrition is very unique as it takes in to account your physical and emotional history to give you optimum results.  Some fine tuning to your already healthy diet might be all you need to have incredible results.


I can tell you that Chinese medicine and veganism are a really great fit.  Especially, if you’re an athlete.   A plant based diet gives you all the nutrients you need.  Meat stays stuck in belly.  Thus, slowing you down. Animal products cause inflammation making you more prone to injury and slow down recovery time.  We all know shining examples of how well it works.  Many of them have been or will be featured in this magazine.  A great resource for Chinese nutrition that’s mostly plant based is “Healing With Whole Foods” by Paul Pritchard.


Some of the benefits of Chinese medicine and nutrition


Quicken recovery time

Increase endurance

Prevent injuries and illness

Reduce stress

Aid in digestion leading to better absorption of nutrients and increased strength

Increase lung capacity

Any other underlying health issues that can affect performance


I have countless examples of athletes who’ve benefited from this ancient medicine.  Here are two.


Many years ago I treated a well known yoga instructor in LA.  For 25 years he had shoulder pain from a car accident.  The pain made several poses difficult, if not impossible.  With just 3 acupuncture treatments, he was and still is completely pain free.  Something he’d lived with for decades is gone.


In 2010, a professional basket player was referred to me due to several injuries that kept coming back.  He’d already had 2 surgeries that didn’t help much and wanted to try something more holistic and longer lasting.  He also had issues with his digestion and stress from the pressure of his job.  After a few slight modifications in his diet, weekly acupuncture for 2 months, and Chinese herbs, he was pain free.  He now has no more stomach issues and handles his stress and anger way better than even he though possible.  He still sees me weekly to prevent injury and keep his cool.


I’ve seen couch potatoes to body builders and Olympic athletes.  Chinese medicine and plant-based nutrition have improved their quality of life.  And eating more vegetables is never a bad thing.  I guarantee it.


Live natural.  Live well.



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Breakfast of Champions


Breakfast.  It does a body good.

I had an epiphany (actually several) when traveling in India–You don’t have to eat ‘breakfast food’ for breakfast. This is because Indians, like many people around the world, eat the same types of food at each meal.  For the most part, many traditional Western breakfasts are unhealthy any time of day .  Filling your stomach with sugar, caffeine, saturated fat, processed foods, white bread.  Or skipping it all together.  Does that really sound like a good idea? So why start off that way?   How you begin eating will help determine your energy levels, metabolism, brain function, mood, and cravings throughout the day.


Avoid for breakfast

Sugar- it’s hiding in most breakfast foods.  Having sweets and refined carbohydrates first thing in the morning can lead to cravings throughout the day. It’ll also make your energy levels crash.

Coffee- Most people are so exhausted they can’t even think of a day with out caffeine, especially coffee. It a temporary fix, as you probably know. Caffeine works because it stimulates your adrenals to release adrenalin, so you’re depleting your body’s reserves. Coffee (even decaf) is highly acidic and research suggests this acidity can make a person more vulnerable to inflammation and illness.

Bacon and sausage (yes, even turkey sausage)-  High in saturated fat, salt, and toxic preservatives.  Do you really want to clog your arteries first thing?  It’ll also lead to more of those cravings for fat and salt.


Favor for breakfast

Lemon water- It hydrates, gets your metabolism moving, and gives you a mini detox every time you drink it. Hot or room temperature.

Green drinks- juice or smoothie- Greens are high in nutrients, which increase energy without any crash.  Plus, they’re highly alkalizing to prevent illness.

Miso soup-  Miso is alkaline, high in probiotics and B vitamins. It warms/aids digestion.


Miso recipe for breakfast

Miso- 2 tablespoons

Ginger- shredded or juiced to taste

¼ cup of daikon radish, shredded or chopped

¼ cup of tofu, cubed

½ a carrot, shredded

Nori pieces, toasted

1 clove of minced garlic

1 scallion, chopped



Boil 3 cups of water in a large pot.  Add carrot, daikon, tofu, and garlic.  Simmer for about 5 minutes.  Add ginger, scallion, and miso paste.  Simmer for another 2-3 minutes.  Garnish with Nori.


Share with me your favorite breakfast. One that keeps you satisfied and energized.


Live natural. Live well.


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5 Tips for Finding the Right Acupuncturist

Like most professions, not all acupuncturists are created equal.  I can tell you from my clinical and personal experience, finding the right physician is key to getting the help you need.


Adding to this, being vegan makes almost health care professionals either confused or defensive or clueless or all of the above.   So as a vegan acupuncturist and nutritionist, I’d love to give you some tips.


What exactly is acupuncture? Acupuncture is the placement of disposable, hair-thin needles into specific points along energy channels on the body. Qi (your body’s energy) flows within these meridians or pathways. Stimulating qi flow balances a person to relieve symptoms and eliminate an illness.  Its origins are from China and date back at least 5,000 years. The oldest known text on Chinese medicine is over 2,500 years old.


Acupuncture can help with pretty much any physical and emotional condition you can think of, including:  poor digestion, skin issues, addiction, weight loss, pain management, HIV/AIDS, cancer, stress, insomnia, autism, allergies, colds and flus, and autoimmune disorders.  I could go on.


One reason I want to be a voice for my profession is that people are scared to try it. Needles?!? No way!  Or they think it’s impossible to do Chinese medicine vegan style.  Moby recently asked me how I was able to keep my practice vegan.  It can be done!


* What to expect.  Acupuncture and Chinese medicine are incredibly powerful and healing.  The improvements I see in my clinic are quite impressive.  But be prepared that it isn’t always a quick fix.  Acupuncture gets to the root cause of a problem, not just the symptoms.   I have seen people see 80% improvement after just a session or two, but this doesn’t always happen.  Getting rid of the problem, so your symptoms don’t come back or manifest in some other way are ideal and can take some time.  So be patient!


* Just like the rest of the world, most acupuncturists aren’t vegan or even vegan friendly.  So, make sure you find someone who will be supportive of your lifestyle.  It’s also important that they understand what veganism means and how important it is to you, because many prescribe animal products in their herbal formulas with out telling their patients.  I’ve treated at least 30 vegans/vegetarians  who showed me what they were prescribed by another acupuncturist. Products like gelatin or donkey hide glue (yes, you read correctly) were in them. Since the herbs are in Latin or Chinese pinyin (names spelled with our alphabet), how could anyone know who isn’t trained?


* Ask friends and coworkers who they go to.  This is the best possible resource.  You might have similar health issues and they got help from their acupuncturist.  Safe bet that they will be able to help you, too.   If no one in your circle has tried it, check out Yelp for someone who has at least fifteen 5 start reviews.


* Someone who is knowledgeable about your condition.  Since there are so many different body parts and things that can go wrong, your acupuncturist might have heard of your ailment, but doesn’t have a lot of experience with it.  They might still be able to help you, of course.  But first hand knowledge and experience can only up your chances of healing.


*Experience.  Someone who has been at it for a while will most likely be.  Freshly out of school doesn’t mean they aren’t any good.  Far from it.  It’s just that hands on experience can only make you better.  I can see my 12 years in private practice greatly improved my skills as a doctor.


* Someone with good bedside manner. This really ties in with being vegan friendly.  I’m sure everyone reading this can relate-  “You don’t eat meat? That’s why your sick.  Eat it or you won’t get better.”  Also, when you’re feeling crappy, you want someone who is going to listen and hear you out.  I recently had a new patient who has been dealing with cancer for 5 years say after her first treatment “Thanks for being nice to me.”  I almost started to cry.  Her dozens of doctors over the years weren’t mean.  They just treated her like a statistic.  No reassuring words or even a smile.


I hope this helps you on your journey to wellness.  For those of you who haven’t tried it, it’s pretty easy.  These hair thin needles don’t hurt once there inserted. In fact, most people fall asleep during a treatment. For those of you who tried and didn’t find the right fit, please try again.



Live natural. Live well.


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10 Tips to Stay Healthy this Winter

I’m keeping this posting short and sweet. I give most of my patients these simple and easy to follow 10 tips to boost your immune system to prevent illness. Most of the below guidelines should help almost anyone stay healthy and strong. If you happen to get sick, you can heal quicker by following some of my go-to tricks.


1-More water. Drink half your weight (in pounds) in ounces. Most people don’t drink enough, causing fatigue, sugar cravings, and more.

  • Add lemon to your water for vitamin C, increase absorption of water, stimulate digestion, nourish yin
  • 1-2 tablespoons of raw apple cider vinegar per day in water or salad dressing


2-Organic as much as possible. Otherwise, you’re eating pesticides, steroids, and antibiotics, which weak your immunity and cause countless illnesses.


3. Eat plenty of greens and root veggies. 2/3 of your plate should be veggies. The chlorophyll in spinach, dill, kale, parsley, cilantro, sprouts, cabbage, wheatgrass, seaweed, celery, asparagus, Brussels sprouts, and green tea aid detoxifies the blood reduces inflammation, remove toxic heavy metals, and strengthens the immune system.


4- Eat or drink ginger, garlic, and/or turmeric daily. They boost your immunity, reduce inflammation, have natural antibiotic/antiviral components, and reduce nausea.


5- Eliminate dairy from your diet. Dairy increases mucus production, weakens your immunity, and is NOT good for your bones.


6- Minimize caffeine and sugar (non-fruit sources). Caffeine increases your stress levels, which reduce your immunity. Sugar weakens your immunity.  Bacteria loves to feed on sugar.


7- Vitamin D3. Ideally, you want to consume about between 400 and 4,000 IU per day depending on your age. A great trick is put mushrooms in the sun for 15 minutes as it increases their Vitamin D content. You may have to take a supplement in winter. Please check with your physician.


8 Vitamin C You need about 100mg unless you’re sick. The foods highest in C include, pepper, guava, leafy greens, kiwi, broccoli, berries, citrus, tomato, peas, and papaya.


9- Probiotics. Eating healthy bacteria through food and taken a supplement when necessary not only prevents getting sick, it also boosts your mood. Bonus!


10-B complex. Getting a high dose of your B vitamins reduces stress and increases your energy levels naturally.


See how easy it is to prevent illness and be in top form? Give these a try this winter and through out there. Let me know how you feel after a month.


Live natural. Live well.



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Sun Worship


You may think that your sunscreen is helping to prevent skin cancer, so it must be safe. Wrong! Most sunscreens contain ingredients that are toxic to humans and marine life. I was just as shocked as you probably are about this learning this disturbing news.

Over 14,000 tons of sunscreen end up in coral reefs per year. Some ingredients can cause coral bleaching and damage their DNA, thereby killing them. Many sunscreens also harm marine animals such as sea turtles and their eggs, sea urchin, fish and marine mammals.  If these substances are hurting sea creatures, just think what they may be doing to us!

Ingredients to Avoid

The main ingredient to avoid is oxybenzone, which is found in over 3,500 sunscreen brands across the globe. Octinoxate is even more toxic, but is usually found in lower concentrations in most products.

More ingredients to avoid to protect our oceans.

  • Microbeads
  •  Zinc oxide
  • 4-methylbenzylidene camphor
  • Octocrylene
  • Titanium dioxide
  • Triclosan
  • Para-aminobenzoic acid (PABA)
  • Propylparaben
  • Methylparaben
  • Ethylparaben
  • Butylparaben
  • Benzylparaben

So what should you use?

Luckily, there are plenty of brands that are ocean friendly. Here are a few of my favorites. Please tell me what cruelty-free brands you like!

  • Badger, Jason, Alba Botanical
  • Potion, Nature’s Gate
  • Sante Sun, Lavera, 100% pure


Protecting Your Skin Through Nutrition


What better way to keep your skin healthy and glowing, but through food! Dig into these nutritious and delicious treats to prevent sun damage and keep you fit on the inside as well.

  • Cantaloupe, kale, mustard greens, Swiss chard, Romaine lettuce, arugula, yams, sweet potatoes, beets, carrots, mangos, spaghetti squash
  • Red cabbage, watermelon, cooked tomatoes, papaya, guava, asparagus, red bell peppers, apricots, persimmon, grapefruit
  • Spirulina, chlorella, algae/seaweed, flax and hemp seeds, walnuts, chia seeds
  • Beet greens, cooked spinach, watercress, Brussels sprouts, peas, broccoli, summer squash, pumpkin, pistachios
  •  Cloves, tempeh, edamame, tofu, green tea, peppermint, plums, black beans, garlic, blackberries, raspberries, cocoa
  • Oats, brown and wild rice, hazelnuts, almonds, sunflower seeds, pine nuts, avocado, turnip greens
  • Strawberries, kiwi, oranges, lemons, limes, kumquat, green pepper, cauliflower


So get out there, enjoy a little sun, take a swim, and be safe!

Live natural. Live well.


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Do You Need to Detox?

Cleanses and detoxes seem to be the latest trend. I’m constantly hearing about the latest fad to get rid of toxins and lose weight. After living for over 20 years in Los Angeles I heard them all. Only eat cabbage. Don’t eat broccoli. Drink only sweetened lemon water. All promising to be the miracle cure to all of your woes. Does it sound too good to be true? Then it probably is.


So why cleanse? Do you need to do one? Many of my patients who eat organic, plant based, alcohol free, and/or sugar free are less likely to need to support. But unfortunately our planet has become so toxic, that our bodies need added support from time to time.


The incidence of chronic disease is ever increasing. What we put into our bodies is important. So is the air we breathe, the clothes we wear, and our homes. We are exposed to poisonous substances all day long. Sorry to sound so negative. But the reality isn’t so pretty.


Statistics on Toxin Exposure




* Less than half of the almost 80,000 chemicals in existence today are tested for safety.


* We’re exposed to more than 50,000 chemicals daily.


* Your home may contain over 1,000 chemicals.


Heavy metals


Symptoms of heavy metal poisoning may include


*Depression, fatigue, headaches, dizziness, irritability, lack of concentration, memory lapses, and nervousness


*Damage to vital organs


*Mental retardation, Cerebral palsy, autism, deafness, blindness


*Trembling hands, numbness in the hands and feet, loss of muscle coordination


Sources of Mercury


Silver Fillings


• Sweden, Denmark, Austria, Norway have all banned mercury fillings. The World Health Organization has found that the average individual could absorb as much as 120 micrograms of mercury per day from their amalgam fillings, which is considered a toxic.




• Vaccines

Mercury is found in any vaccines w/ thimerosal, a preservative.


Some illnesses that are becoming all too common



• Obesity

• Heart disease

• Asthma and allergies

• Digestive issues

• Thyroid disorders

• Infertility

• Chronic fatigue

• Adrenal fatigue

• Skin issues

• Autoimmune diseases such as hypothyroidism, rhuematoid arthritis, lupus, Type I diabetes, and MS.


What Can You Eat?



1. Try to limit your calories to 1200 per day. If exercising, know your limits and listen to your body. Do cleanse for at least 3 days and up to 30 days.


2.Eat only whole, plant based foods. Raw as much as possible at least once per day.


3.Focus on dark leafy greens at every meal or drink. These include

broccoli, spinach, kale, collard greens, chard, arugula, and watercress.


4. Organic only! If your budget is tight, at least avoid the Dirty Dozen.
5.Vegetable broth. Drink this soup throughout the day when hungry.


Biehler’s broth

1 lb. cut up green beans
3 celery stalks
4 medium zucchini
2 bunches of parsley
4 cups of water


Place ingredients in a pot and bring to a boil. Simmer
for 10-15 minutes until veggies are tender.
Take off heat and let sit with lid off for 5 minutes.
Puree soup.

Enjoy hot or cold.


6. Smoothies daily with unsweetened nut milk. Be sure to include greens such as kale, spinach, or lettuce and healthy fats such as chia seeds.


7. Flax, chia, and/ or hemp seeds: 2 tablespoons per day in your salad, on steamed veggies, or in smoothies.


8. Juicing 16 to 64 ounces per day, if you have a juicer or access to a juice bar. Include turmeric and ginger in your drinks.


9. Raw apple cider vinegar: 2 tablespoons in 8 ounces of water 3 times per day before meals.


10.Herbal teas- detox or digestive support teas. One of my favorite brands is Yogi Tea.


10. Lemon juice in your water all day, especially first thing in the morning.


11. Water: drink a minimum of glasses daily per day.


Other Tips


* Supplements- milk thistle, coriander

* Epsom Salts

*Eases stress by replenishing magnesium in the body. Magnesium helps produce serotonin, a mood-elevating chemical.
*Flushes out toxins and heavy metals- 2 cups in your bath every week for just ten minutes

*Relieves cold symptoms
*Relaxes muscles/reduces inflammation- relieves pain/ asthma, treats bruises/sprains.
*Prevents hardening of the arteries
*Makes insulin more effective by balancing magnesium and sulfate levels.

*Epsom salts can also be taken internally with some water for constipation

* Gall bladder cleanse, nightly until no stones

1/2 cups Extra virgin olive oil

4 oz of fresh limes, lemons or grapefruit juice


Epsom salt – 4 tablespoons


Other Support


*Sweat: steam, baths, sauna, and exercise


* Massage: to stimulate the lymphatic system


Colonics: Most people are constipated or use coffee to get their digestion moving. A buildup of toxins in your large intestine is the result.


What to Avoid during a Cleanse (and always)



• Alcohol & caffeine

• Processed food

• Hydrogenated oil

• Preservatives

• Fried food

• Animal products, especially non-organic


• Genetically Modified Foods



Feeling Sick while Detoxing?


If your body is full of toxins that need to be released, you may feel nauseous or even get sick during a cleanse. This is completely normal (unfortunately), especially if it’s your first time. If you do feel sick, take activated charcoal 3-4 times a day on an empty stomach.


Feeling very weak? Stop.


Please consult a physician before doing a cleanse, especially if you have cancer, are pregnant, are taking medication, have issues with your immune system, or other chronic illness.



Live natural. Live well.



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14 Tips to a Healthier You

How many days of work have you called in sick? How many days have you just not felt that great? Do you know a coworker who is always sick? Stress taxes the body. Bad food, late nights, no sleep, overexertion, & different time zones regularly or even every day would wear out anyone.

A lot of people have weakened immune systems due to stress, poor diets, travel, overuse of antibiotics, lack of sleep, and overwork. This makes them prone to colds and the flu. Having a lower immunity can also make you prone to being really sick for longer periods, especially when compared to someone who is relatively healthy. That’s why travelers tend to get really sick. It’s rare that they just get a case of the sniffles.

Improving someone’s immune system so they don’t get sick is ideal. Taking care of yourself on a daily basis, along with acupuncture, taking Chinese herbs, massage, Reiki, supplements, and aromatherapy, along with dietary changes, have a great impact on one’s health.


Some of the signs that you’re overstressed


*Poor sleep, Anxiety, Brain fog,  Acne
* PMS, Low libido, Weight gain
* High blood pressure/cholesterol, Excessive evening hunger
* Hair loss, Exhaustion, Impaired immunity
* Slow healing, Salt/sugar cravings, Caffeine addiction

Once a person is sick, the sooner treatment is administered, the quicker the recovery. Similar treatment protocols are administered with someone who is sick or just starting to come down with something. The use of Chinese medicine gets rid of an infection without the side effects of antibiotics. Treating an infection naturally doesn’t suppress the contagion, so that it doesn’t just come right back.



These simple, easy to follow tips can help you and your loved ones stay healthy & recover quickly from colds and the flu.

1) Take at least 500 mg of vitamin C a day. Great sources include dark leafy greens, broccoli, bell pepper, lemon, and persimmon. C also aids in iron absorption.


2) Supplement with acidopopholus/probiotics to encourage healthy bacteria to grow in your digestive tract. Thus, boosting your immune system and improving your mood.
3) Eat garlic. Garlic is a natural antibiotic and tastes great.


4) Drink two tablespoons of raw apple cider vinegar daily to help with allergies, nausea, asthma, fat, migraines, cholesterol, blood pressure, fungus, flu, and acne.


5) Eat turmeric in soups, curries, and smoothies. It’s a natural antibiotic, reduces cough, detoxifies, reduces inflammation, improves skin, and aids in digestion.
6) Take a vitamin B complex for reducing stress and improving energy.
7) Ginger is a natural antiviral, reduces inflammation and pain, kills parasites, eliminates mucus, and aids. Digestion.


8) Eat your antioxidants to prevent illness of any kind.


Prunes      Kale       Raisins     Spinach
Berries     Brussels sprouts    Broccoli
Beets        Plums    Onion       Corn


9) Eat plant based Omega 3s for brain function and regulating hormones. Sources include walnuts, hemp, flax, kale, seaweed, chia seeds, and acai berries.


10) Essential oils for stress- Lavender, Neroli, Chamomile, Cypress, Frankincense, Basil, Jasmine, Valerian, Chamomile, Lemon, Rose


11) Drink water. Drink half your weight in ounces daily. More, if you are flying.


12.) Avoid dairy and sugar. They cause inflammation, fatigue, and weakened immunity.


13) Avoid caffeine because it exaggerates body’s response to stress.


14) Put Epsom salts in your bath for detoxification and muscle tension.


Following these easy to follow tips will lead to a much happier and healthier you. Stay calm, vibrant, and full of energy with out breaking the bank.

Live natural. Live well.


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Ch Ch Ch Chia



Remember those chia pets that were all the rage in the 70s? How did that happen? I guess that’s what makes things a fad. Pet rocks, Mexican jumping beans, and the best- streaking. FADS from the 70s/early 80s were pretty weird. Well at least chia seeds actually serve a nutritional purpose.


Most people don’t realize how amazing these little seeds are.


Nutritional Content of Chia Seeds


*Iron.  3 times than spinach for strong healthy blood for improved energy


*Calcium. 5 times calcium of milk for strong bones and teeth.


*Potassium. 2 times potassium of bananas for building muscle.


*Protein. 2 times protein of any other seed or grain for muscle strength and energy.


*Antioxdants. 3 times antioxidant levels of blueberries for cancer prevention.


*Fiber. Twice as much as broccoli for lowering cholesterol, cardiovascular health, stabilizing blood sugar, and constipation.


*Omega 3s. Nearly 5 times the omega 3s found in salmon for brain health and balancing hormones.


*As an added bonus, chia seeds are considered in Chinese medicine to reduce anxiety, fear, and even panic attacks.



You can add chia seeds to your morning smoothie. But one of my favorite ways to eat them is my recipe recently featured on The Better Show.


Chia Seed Pudding


  • 1/4 cup chia seeds
  • 3/4 cup coconut milk (or rice or almond)
  • 1/2 cup coconut water or apple juice
  • 1/4 cup shredded unsweetened coconut
  • 1 tsp pure vanilla extra
  • 1/2 cup fresh raspberries, blueberries, and/or strawberries
  • ¼ cup of thinly sliced almonds


Mix coconut, chia seeds, coconut milk, coconut water, vanilla in a bowl.

Place in the refrigerator for a minimum of 2 hours.

Top with fresh raspberries and almonds.


Dig in and enjoy!


Live natural. Live well.



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Always Coca Cola


Coca Cola, Pepsi , Mountain Dew, Sprite. You name it. I’m not a fan. Patients and loved ones often wonder why I’m so against drinking soda. One can of Coke has the equivalent of 10 teaspoons of sugar. 10. Almost 13 billion gallons of cola were consumed in the U.S. last year. That’s 130 billion teaspoons of sugar just from drinking colas. High sugar content is just one of the reasons I recommend avoiding soft drinks.

Toxic Ingredients

* Phosphorus- weakens bones and decays teeth. A major contributor to osteoporosis.

* Formaldehyde. Yes. An ingredient in plywood and fungicides. A known carcinogen.

* High fructose corn syrup- Increases body fat, cholesterol, diabetes risk,and triglycerides. Also stimulates appetite.

* Fake sugars. Known to be neurotoxic, carcinogenic, and damage optic nerve. More info.

* Food dyes and coloring- linked to hyperactivity, impairment of brain function, lack of impulse control, cancer.

* A diuretic. Makes you pee and dehydrates you. Leading to fatigue, headaches, constipation, irritability, rapid heart rate, and more.

I hope now you’re looking for healthier options. But still feel you need the sugar and caffeine boost?

For bubbles- kombucha or sparkling water with lemon or lime

Energy- chlorophyll rich foods- sea vegetables, spinach, kale,
parsley, cilantro, blue-green algae, sprouts, wheatgrass.

Sugar buzz- the best source. Nature’s finest. Fruit.

Another consequence of soda consumption is plastic consumption. It hurts your health and the environment. Listen to my interview with Beth Terry on how you can use less plastic.

Next time your thirsty or looking for more energy, have a water and a smile.

Live natural. Live well.


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Lemon Drop




What’s the first suggestion I give to all my patients? Drink lemon water first thing in the morning. Even better? Sip on lemon water through out the day. For those of you who don’t like to drink water, lemon is the perfect addition to a ‘plain’ glass of water. No need for soda, sugared drinks or overly sweet juices.


The Benefits of Lemon


*Aids in absorption of water and hydrates the lymphatic system.


* Mini detox to support the liver’s ability to flush out toxins.


* Alkalizes the body leading to less inflammation and disease


* Stimulates metabolism, especially helpful for those prone to constipation.


* High in vitamin C. There are approximately 28 mg in one lemon, which is close to half of what you need in a day to maintain a strong immune system and youthful skin.


What could be simpler? Squeezing half or a whole lemon in a glass of water or over your fresh salad has so many fitness promoting properties. A lemon a day truly keeps the doctor away.


Live natural. Live well.



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